The best gin gift sets for any budget

by | 23 Oct 2021

The best gifts for gin lovers

Whether you’re looking for mini tasting sets, luxury gin gifts, or something in between, you’ll find the perfect gift for gin lovers below. With sets for a range of budgets, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Looking for an individual bottle to impress? Check out my list of the most beautiful gin bottles.


None of the brands featured had any influence over this post and were all independently selected by From the Gin Shelf.

From the Gin Shelf has previously worked with some of the brands. Where there have been previous relationships, this is noted next to each brand, below.

The best gin gift sets under £15

The Lakes Gin Collection pack - 3 x 5cl bottles in a box.

The Lakes Gin Collection 3 x 5cl Gift Pack

Previous collaboration

Price: £15

At around £15, this beautifully presented pack is great value and contains 3 gin miniatures from The Lakes Distillery Range:

Available from:

Rock Rose Gin miniature set.

Rock Rose Gin Miniature Pack

Previous collaboration

Price: £15

Rock Rose Gin is one of Scotland’s best distilleries in my opinion, with a wonderful range of expressions. This tasting pack is a great way to get to know their core range and features:

  • 1 x 5cl Rock Rose Gin
  • 1 x 5cl Pink Grapefruit Old Tom
  • 1 x 5cl Navy Strength

As well as this pack, you can also get a miniature set of their four seasonal gins for £20.


Available from

Mackintosh Gin miniature set.

Mackintosh Gin Miniature Set

Price: £15

Since launching in 2018, Mackintosh Gin have earned themselves a cult following. This is, in part, because of the Mackintosh family’s wonderful personalities – but also because their gins are stunning!

Now you can get to know the Mackintosh Gin range with their miniature pack, featuring all three of their expressions:

  • 1 x 5cl Mackintosh London Dry Gin (read my review)
  • 1 x 5cl Mackintosh Old Tom Gin
  • 1 x 5cl Mackintosh Mariner Strength Gin (Navy Strength)

Available from

The best gin gift sets under £20

The Lakes Gin Collection pack - 3 x 5cl bottles in a box.

Inverroche miniature trio taster pack

Previous collaboration

Price: About £16

Looking for something a bit different then these Inverroche miniatures could be the perfect gift. One of South Africa’s best-known distilleries, Inverroche has created three wonderful expressions which celebrate the fynbos (plants) of the Cape Floral Kingdom – recognised by UNESCO as “one of most special places for plants in the world,” due to its incredible biodiversity.

Each gin uses different fynbos and the pack contains 3x5cl miniatures:

  • Gin Amber, featuring fynbos from the coast. Rich and aromatic, it takes its name from its colour
  • Gin Classic, which celebrates the fynbos of the lowland region. Described as crispy and zesty
  • Gin Verdant, a more floral expression which infuses fynbos of the Kingdom’s mountainous terrain

Available from:

The Lakes Gin Collection pack - 3 x 5cl bottles in a box.
Inverroche miniatures lying on a brochure,
Mermaid miniature gift pack

Mermaid Miniature Gift Pack

Previous collaboration

Price: £16.50

One of the nicest bottles you’ll see is also available as a miniature in this gift pack from Isle of Wight Distillery. Featuring the original Mermaid Gin and Mermaid Pink Gin (read my review), as well as Mermaid Salt Vodka, it’s a great value gin set that’s sure to please!

Fancy gifting a full bottle? The distillery also has a full-sized set complete with two copa glasses. Priced at £62.50.


Available from:

Mermaid miniature gift pack
Biggar Gin Miniature Triple Pack Gift Set

Biggar Gin Miniature Triple Pack Gift Set

Price: £18

This miniature set from Biggar Gin makes a wonderful gift. The Biggar Gin Co. is one of my favourite Scottish distilleries and each of these gins is a joy to the taste buds!

The set contains:

  • 1 x 5cl bottle of Original Recipe Biggar Gin
  • 1 x 5cl bottle of our limited edition Clyde Valley Plum Recipe full strength gin
  • 1 x 5cl bottle of Biggar Strength (their Navy Strength gin)

Available from:

Biggar Gin Miniature Triple Pack Gift Set

The best gin gift sets under £25

Tarquin's Gin gift set sitting on beach.

Tarquin’s Gin Miniatures – 4 x 5cl

Price: about £22

There are few distilleries with a range as diverse and as high quality as Tarquin’s Gin. This tasting pack is a great introduction to their expressions featuring 4 x 5cl bottles:

  • Tarquin’s Cornish Dry Gin
  • Tarquin’s Rhubarb & Raspberry Gin
  • Tarquin’s British Blackberry Gin
  • Tarquin’s Strawberry & Lime Gin

Available from

Tappers Gin gift set.

Tappers Gin – The Art of Gin Tasting Experience

Price: £25

A brilliant gift for any gin lover, The Art of Gin Tasting Experience from Tappers Gin features their two signature gins, Darkside and Brightside. The two gins are made using the same botanical recipe, but with different production methods – cold-compounded (Darkside) and distilled (Brightside),

The pack contains a paired mixer plus two 100ml bottles of each gin, as well as a recording of a live event with chef Simon Rimmer, discussing the production methods and tasting notes behind the two gins.


Available from:

The best gin gift sets under £30

Fishers Gin Mini Distillery Serve.

Fishers Gin Mini Distillery Serve

Previous collaboration

Price: £30

“If you have 100 gins on the table, tasting each blind – you’ll know when you hit Fishers,” gin expert, Oliver Ward, told me. And having tried it, I’d certainly not argue with that. A herbacious gin with a taste of the sea, it’s a nod to their coastal home of Aldeburgh.

The set contains all you need for the perfect Fishers Gin serve:

  • 20cl Fishers Original Gin
  • Fishers Enamel Mugs
  • Two Indian Tonics
  • Giant Ice Cube Tray
  • Dehydrated orange pouch

Also available as with a full 70cl bottle for £60.


Only Available from

Gin Cooperative Scottish Gin tasting set.

A Taste of Scottish Gin

Previous relationship

Price: £30

A great way to explore Scottish gin, The Gin Cooperative have put together four tasting packs, each with 5 x 5cl bottles.


Available from The Gin Cooperative

    • Pack 1: Glaswegin / Badachro Gin / Rock Rose Grapefruit Old Tom / The Teasmith Original Gin / Shoogle Scottish Dry Gin
    • Pack 2: Biggar Gin / Gin Bothy Gunshot Infused Gin / Ellis No.5 Lemon Gin / Eight Lands Organic Speyside Gin / Pickering’s Gin
    • Pack 3: Isle of Raasay Hebridean Gin / Darnley’s Spiced Gin / Crossbill Scottish Dry Gin / 1881 Pavilion Pink Gin / Cairngorm Scottish Highland Gin
    • Pack 4: Devil’s Staircase Gin / Lind & Lime Gin / Esker Gold Gin / Misty Isle Gin / McLean’s Something Blue Gin

The best luxury gin gift sets

Hrafn Gin Voyager gift set.

HRAFN GIN Voyager gift set

Previous collaboration

Price: £40

Send your lucky recipient on a voyage of discovery with this tasting set from HRAFN Gin. Founded by two brothers with a love of Norse mythology – and Scottish whisky – Callum and Peter Sim have created a wonderful range of expressions.

You can delight your friend or family member with a set of four of their gins. Thoughts & Memory and Valhalla are sister expressions with a delightful flavour journey, both featuring the signature botanical of mandarin. Valkyrie’s signature botanical is the unusual citrus fruit Jara, and it’s this gin which also forms the ‘base’ for their pink expression, Cranachan – a take on their granny’s favourite Scottish dessert – and features botanicals including fresh raspberries, new make malt spirit, oats and Deeside honey.

The pack contains:

Only Available from:

Hrafn Gin Voyager gift set.
Hrafn Gin Voyager with box open.
Bullards Foraged Bramble Hamper

Bullards Gift Hampers

Price: £65 – £85

The wonderful Bullards distillery offers a range of gift hampers featuring their range of gins including their flagship London Dry, Old Tom, Strawberry & Black Pepper, and Coastal.

As well as the bumper Picnic Hamper (£85), the distillery offers hampers to create various cocktails such as their Foraged Bramble Hamper or Negroni Hamper. The cocktail hamper sets are all priced at £65.

Read my review of Bullard’s Old Tom Gin.


Only Available from

Silent Pool Distillers Luxury Gift Box

‘Silent Pool Distillers Luxury Gift Box

Price: About £78

As well as the stunning bottle, this Silent Pool gift set comes in a luxurious gift box. Complete with two matching glass tumblers, a jigger and pourer, it’s definitely one with ‘wow’ factor.

A wonderful English gin, made with 24 botanicals including lavender and chamomile, Silent Pool is a great gin for newcomers to the category and connoisseurs alike.

If this is a bit on the pricey side for you, there are also a range of cheaper gift alternatives.


Available from:

Chapel Down Bacchus

Chapel Down Bacchus Gin & Bartender gift set

Price: £85

A premium gin gift set from English wine and spirit maker, Chapel Down. Choose a cocktail set featuring one of two gins for the gin lover in your life – Bacchus Gin or Pinot Noir Gin. The gins are distilled using Bacchus and Pinot Noir grape skins from the Chapel Down vineyard, respectively, giving a wonderful fruity profile to the gin.

The bottles themselves are a thing of beauty paying homage to their heritage with the top half shaped like a wine bottle, while the bottom mirrors a cut crystal cocktail shaker.


Available from Chapel Down

Isle of Harris Gin Copa Gift Set
Isle of Harris Gin gift box

Isle of Harris Gin gift sets

Price: £70 – £90

For me, Isle of Harris Gin comes in the most beautiful packaging. In fact, it’s one of my favourite gins full-stop. It’s no surprise then, that the gin is highly giftable.

However, Isle of Harris Distillers don’t simply rely on the beauty of the bottle. and the gift boxes were given a makeover in 2021. To keep consistency with the glass inside, the box features flecks of copper and sugar kelp, as well as subtle contours embossed on the box, reminiscent of the iconic bottle.

A lot of thought has also gone into the unboxing experience. Each layer reveals more information about the distillery, island and botanicals used in Isle of Harris Gin.

To top it off, the glassware is exceptional and you can now choose from lowball, highball and copa glasses – the latter of which are new for 2021.

Read my review of Isle of Harris Gin.


Only available from Isle of Harris Gin