Boë Violet Gin Review

18 Sep 2017









In an increasingly saturated market, it’s hard to make a product which stands out. Stirling-based distiller, Boë, has managed this with aplomb. Made by infusing their award-winning Boë Superior Gin with violets, it creates a vibrant colour, with a distinctive floral taste.


Boë’s Violet gin is made from 13 botanics found in Boë Superior, infused with violets, giving it the distinct rich colour.

Purple haze

The first thing you notice is the look; there are few gins with an appearance quite like it. The addition of violets to Boë Superior Gin creates a distinct rich purple colour, making it one of the most unusual contemporary gins on the market. It’s definitely one that stands out from the crowd.

It’s probably its unusual appearance that made it appeal to me. I probably wouldn’t have been too keen to try it otherwise. I’m glad I did! It looks just as good in the glass as it does in the bottle, and is a fun twist on their London dry.

Boë takes its name from Professor Franz de la Boë, whom the distiller claims to be the inventor of our favourite spirit!

Tasting Notes

I don’t usually enjoy gin neat, but Boë Violet is so far the exception to that rule. There’s a delightful floral aroma on the nose, with a burst of apple and lavendar on the palate.

None of that flavour is lost when adding tonic. I enjoyed it best with Fever Tree Mediterranean. The more floral botanicals really enhanced the flavours. Blueberries complimented the gin perfectly, but so rich is its character, it can be savoured without any garnish at all.

Despite the use of Boë Superior as its base, Boë Violet tastes nothing like its parent. The citrus flavour profile is completely turned on its head and it’s the floral and fruity notes that really take hold – intense apple, lavender and berries – a flavour reminiscent of Parma Violets. The high level of sweetness means it’s not one for every palate.

BOË VIOLET perfect serve

Add ice to a copa glass
Pour in 50ml of Boë Violet Gin
Add half a dozen blueberries
Top up with 200ml of Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic water


I’ll admit, I’m not big on gin cocktails. I prefer the classic G&T, and the flavours to be found within the gin itself. That being said, the appearance and flavour of Boë Violet is sure to make it a hit with those looking to make something creative.

Boë demonstrate how to make an Aviation using their gin and maraschino liqueur. For something easier to create, Gin Festival recommend the simple addition of Prosecco, to make their Violet Fizz.