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Read unbiased reviews of the best gins from the UK and around the world. Join us on our journey as we explore the world of artisan and craft gins! Discover the brand stories, tasting notes, recommended serves and more. Each review is given a rating based on its originality brand and taste.

Jarrold’s Gin Review Score 81%

Jarrold’s Gin Review

The Nodding Donkey Distillery launched Jarrold’s Gin in March 2018. Influenced by cuisines found while working in the Middle East, it contains just 7 well-balanced botanicals. Find out more about the flavour profile and the attention to detail in every aspect from distillation to packaging.

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Kokoro Gin Review Score 74%

Kokoro Gin Review

Kokoro Gin is an English-made, Japanese influenced gin. Using sancho berries from Japan’s Afan Woodland as the key botanical, it creates a zingy, earthy London Dry Gin. Read our review and learn about the inspiration behind Kokoro, it’s tasting notes and how to create the perfect serve.

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KURO Gin Review Score 73%

KURO Gin Review

Inspired by the Japanese Alps, KURO Gin is a British-made London Dry Gin with a twist. With its three lead botanicals, the recipe was created to capture the spirit of the ski slopes of the region. Read our review and find out about its flavour profile, garnish and recommended serve.

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Ginerosity Gin Review Score 87%

Ginerosity Gin Review

Made at Pickering Gin’s Summerhall Distillery, Ginerosity is the world’s first social enterprise gin. As well as helping young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, it also tastes delicious. Read our review and find out about the cause, its flavour profile and perfect serve.

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